Health & Happiness Highlights!

Health & Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Health & Happiness Summit at in NYC hosted by Dr. Oz at the end of February.  Had a great lunch and 4 different wellness teas at Radiance Tea House & Books, highly recommend this place!  There was an amazing line up and each person shared very valuable information!  I wish that all the people I love and care about can benefit from this knowledge, so I’m sharing!  Below are just the highlights, but there are some fabulous points that are very simple to implement into your daily routine.  



Health & Happiness Tip from Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D

Do you have episodes of walking into a room and forgetting why you are there? Or do you forget where you left your keys? You may not be getting the REM sleep that you need.

There are several stages of sleep, REM is one of the last stages, where you transfer your short term memory to your long term memory. You aren’t going crazy, you just need more sleep! :)

Take your supplements! Having the proper amount of Vitamin B3, B6, B12, D, Calcium, and Magnesium in your system will help you sleep better.

Dr. Breus’s 5 Steps to eliminating your snooze button:
1. Pick 1 bedtime and stick to it (even on the weekends)
2. Drink caffeinated beverages BEFORE 2pm each day
3. Refrain from drinking alcohol 3hrs before bedtime
4. Exercise, but not 4 hours before bedtime
5. Get your 15 minutes of sunlight everyday!


Health & Happiness Tip from Dr. “Ro” Brock

Every meal should consist of:

50% Colorful Veggies and Fruit
25% Lean Protein
25% Good Grains

Be sure to include lots of water and fiber.

Bonus! Pineapple has an enzyme in it that helps to burn fat. 2-3 cups of Dandelion tea a day can help burn fat too!

Download Fit Kidz videos here…


Health & Happiness Tip from Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Cellular INFLAMMATION is responsible for skin-related problems like wrinkles, breakouts, and loss of firmness.

His suggestion to “Put Out the Fire”…
3 Day Facelift in your Kitchen:
Up your water intake, eat wild salmon with a watercress salad with olive oil and lemon dressing. (Watercrest is a powerful anti-inflammatory green. If you don’t have watercress, try another green like kale or collard greens) Have some blueberries for dessert!


Health & Happiness Tip from Montel Williams

I didn’t know Montel’s story until last Saturday. He was told he would never walk again after he was being diagnosed with MS.  His life and his outlook on life, have made quite a turn.  Check out his 17 tips for a HAPPIER LIFE!


TIPS FOR A HAPPIER LIFE, below are the first 3 tips to get you started…

1.  Three Good Thingskeep a personal “Gratitude Journal,” and at the end of every day, write down three good things that happened to you, and why.

2.  Make a Gratitude Visitwrite a thank-you testimonial message to someone who positively affected your life, and deliver the message to them.

3.  Discover your Signature Strengthsand use them in a new way.

Check out the rest of his tips on his facebook page, 17 TIPS FOR A HAPPIER LIFE

Health & Happiness Tip from Dr. Christiane Northrup

Prayer:  “Oh God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is.”  This prayer is such a helpful reminder that by expecting the worst, we can sometimes attract the worst…but expecting the best we can attract the best!

30 day challenge – say “I love you” in the mirror every morning…by day 20 you could see a big difference in your actions and will actually believe it!

“Your heart wins in the end” ~ Dr. Northrup

Listening to Dr. Northrup always creates a feeling of peace and calmness inside of me.  I breath better after hearing what she has to say and that makes me happy!


Health & Happiness Tip from “The Healthy Home” by Dr. Myron Wentz, Dave Wentz, & Donna K. Wallace

Both of these men are very passionate about making this world a healthier and happier place to be!  Taking on the whole world at once can be overwhelming, so why not start with your own home.  Their book, “The Healthy Home” provides great information and simple solutions to make your home a healthier place.

See the entire presentation here…

“A solution to pollution is dilution” ~ Dr. Wentz

Open your windows and let the fresh air in!

For more tips on simple solutions to make your home
healthier, check out the website…


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